Useful Links


Useful Links

The American College of Nurse Midwives

Everything you need to know about midwifery, pregnancy, and women’s health.

Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS)

CIMS is a coalition of organizations, professionals, advocates and families who share a commitment to Making Mother-Friendly Care A Reality.

Lamaze International

Lamaze International envisions a world of confident women choosing normal birth.

International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc. (ICAN)

The International Cesarean Awareness Network, Inc (ICAN) was formed over 25 years ago in order to support women in their journey towards understanding the risks of cesarean section and with the purpose of helping them have healthy births and healthy lives after undergoing the surgery that changed them.


Childbirth Method from meditation science and Mind/Body medicine empowering preparation for childbirth.

Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

DONA International

DONA International is the oldest, largest and most respected doula association in the world.

Spinning Babies is unique for the step-by-step approach to the topic of Optimal Fetal Positioning.

Waterbirth International

A nonprofit organization of childbirth professionals and consumer advocates dedicated to making waterbirth an available option for all women in all birth settings. Waterbirth: Easier for Moms ~ Better for Babies!

Great resource for everything a mother needs.

Evidence Based Birth®

Evidence Based Birth® is an online childbirth resource that informs, empowers and inspires expecting parents and birth-care practitioners globally, to understand the latest, proven, evidence based care practices


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