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To save time and energy at the office, let us get you the forms you’ll need here to bring with you on your visit. Also we have referral lists for a variety of services including Doulas and other birth support services.




Patient Rights

We do all we can to make sure your rights are respected . Make sure you have a clear list of what they are.

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Cancellation Policy

Make sure you you have a copy of our cancellation policy so there is no confusion.

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Referral List

Check out the resources and professionals we would like to introduce you to.

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Doula List

Find the support you need to have the best birth experience you can for you and your growing family.

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HIPPA Consent Form

Your Privacy is our top priority. Download information on the Healthcare Informaton Privacy and Protection Act, which is there to protect you.

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Demographic Sheet

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Childbirth Education

Resource list of educators who are there to help you prepare for your amazing birth.

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“My motto, WOMEN OF EARTH, TAKE BACK YOUR BIRTH, says it all. It’s your birth experience and it’s a natural and beautiful event, not a medical emergency. We want all our families to have a loving memory to keep forever!”

Lonnie Morris, CNM, ND

Founder and Lead Midwife


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