Postpartum Support


Once we get that beautiful baby in your arms we are still here to make sure everyone is happy, healthy and starting life the best they can be.

Our attentive team of healthcare professionals are with you every step to keep you and your baby on the right track to a healthy, happy life together. 

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Post Birth Monitoring

We are here to make sure you and your baby get a healthy start as a team. Our thorough monitoring is a critical part of our service to you to ensure your healthy and happy birth experience.

Follow Up Exams

You will be scheduled to come after your baby’s birth to make sure that all is well with not only you but your beautiful new family member. We are here to listen to you and find the best ways for you and your baby to transition in a happy healthy way.

Lactation & Nutrition

Our commitment to natural childbirth experiences doesn’t stop with the birth itself. We do everything we can to support you to begin motherhood using as many natural and practical methods as possible including breathfeeding support.



We are available 24/7

We are always on call in case of any concern or emergency. Our team is in place to make sure you have everything you need to ensure a safe and successful pregnancy is our top priority.

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