Infertility Treatment

Infertility Treatment

When you want to conceive and find you are having difficulty for a prolonged period let us help you turn things around.

We know infertility can cause a lot of stress and our Certified Nurse Midwives can help.  Because the cause can lie with either partner, they will conduct a battery of tests based on your medical and family history and that of your mate’s.  Sometimes the difficulty is simple and sometimes complex. In either case your midwife or midwife/physician team can provide the diagnostic and innovative treatment services you need to get your family started successfully.

We find that many fertility problems can be treated more easily than others.

In general, a woman after the age 35 has a lower odds of getting pregnant and her risk of miscarriage can go up. However, medical science has made many advances that have helped millions of couples but before starting any kind of treatment, we will talk with you about how far you want to go with treatment. For example, you may want to try medicine but don’t want to have surgery. It’s good to start with an idea of what you want your limits to be.

Our approach is to address the simple and most affordable options first.  It can get expensive when pursuing many more advanced procedures and insurance often will not cover them.

Thinking about this ahead of time may help keep you from becoming emotionally and financially drained from trying a series of treatments you hadn’t planned for. We are with you every step of the way to make the best decisions you can to achieve a healthy and safe pregnancy and birth.

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