Annual Checkup

Annual Checkup

iStock_000003867730_LargeWe  serve not only expectant mothers but women of all ages at all phases of their lives.

One of the most important services we provide is regular OB/GYN checkups in an intimate and comfortable environment. We get to know our patients, listen to them and maintain an ongoing relationship throughout the years to help each one maintain the highest standards of health and wellness.

Our center provides a complete range of gynecological services, including routine pelvic exams, annual check-ups, fertility treatment, birth control and Pap tests.

Our  Certified Nurse Midwives believe one of the best ways to diagnose the root causes of your health issues is to have a warm and comfortable relationship with you so that you are able to share your concerns freely. We listen to you. Call or email us now to make your appointment.

If a referral to one of our expert collaborative physicians is necessary, Dr. Haddad, or one of his physician associates, will take excellent care of you.

In such cases, your midwife typically remains part of your care team in administering and/or monitoring your treatment. Occasionally a referral outside of our immediate team of experts may be necessary and you can rest assured we refer only to the best qualified specialists. We work with outstanding medical specialist in a wide array of fields, many of then you will find in our referral directory.  We encourage you to explore this section of our site and discover the range of treatment professionals we work with to help our clients stay healthy throughout your pregnancies and throughout your life.

We also keep close track of your treatment and progress because we care about you.

You are always a part of your healthcare team, no matter your condition and your needs and concerns are our top priority.  Our goal is to keep you healthy and to make sure you are monitored thoroughly to avoid any issues that could be prevented with early screening. Your health is important to us and we hope to be there with you at every phase of you life to make sure you are maintaining a healthy balance.  We encourage your to stay on top of your annual clinical visits to make sure that if a problem arises, that through regular screening, it can be caught, diagnosed and treated before it can become true threat to your well being.

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