Dr. Lonnie Morris and her team of nurses and nurse-midwives provide exceptional healthcare as well as safe, satisfying natural childbirth experiences. In addition, they collaborate with outstanding medical professionals and enjoy the full support of the administration and nursing staff at Hackensack UMC at Mountainside  in Montclair, New Jersey.

The remarkable support of the medical and nursing staff at Mountainside allows us to provide a level of empowering and fulfilling midwifery care closely matching the care that had been our hallmark as a freestanding childbirth center. We are fortunate to have the highly skilled and respected Dr. Charles Haddad as our collaborative physician.  He and his physician associates fully respect and support a true Midwifery model of care and provide excellent medical care when necessary.

Any woman can take advantage of our midwifery services during and after her childbearing years.

Our midwife / physician team will care for any woman who desires our services. For over three decades, The Childbirth Center was one of New Jersey's leading free-standing birth and women's healthcare center where thousands of women came for normal childbirth with a Certified Nurse-Midwife and kept coming back for all of their care.  Services includes yearly check-ups, pap smears, family planning, fertility advice, menopause management to mention a few of our services.

 The freestanding Childbirth Center closed in 2003 and Lonnie and her team embarked on a journey to find the right combination of facility and women's healthcare providers to continue to deliver the respectful, highly personalized care of a midwife that made the center so sought after for many years.

Hackensack UMC at Mountainside's medical and nursing staff have been so supportive that they are confident they have finally found that right combination to mirror the care we provided as a freestanding childbirth center.